Motor vehicle management specialists.

Our Products

  • Novated leases - Either all inclusive budget or just the finance.
  • Personal loans - Cars, motorbikes, secured and not secured.
  • Business car loans - Asset purchases, finance leases, operating leases and commercial hire purchase
  • Fleet insurance
  • Early Termination Insurance

But why would you want a novated lease.

We spent some time talking to our clients (yes, we used the phone rather than emails and web surveys), to find out what their top points were for having a novated lease.
Of course... a lot of people, a lot of different response's, but here are the ones most repeated

  • I don't have to open my wallet anymore
  • I have a better car and the same take home pay
  • Easy to track all of my expenses
  • No bills, my car costs come out of my pay, i just drive it.

Our Service.

Our service is maximise for the best tax deduction for the vehicle that fits the budget, well, your wallet.
Through the use of a budget for each vehicle, Zenra looks at the 'Whole life cycle' novating has on a client.

  • Today's payroll impacts
  • Today's life scenario
  • Best choice of car that fits the above
  • The running expenses for the term of the car
  • FBT impacts for the term of the car
  • What are we going to do with the car at the end of the term
  • That was fun, lets do it again

Want to take a peek? Play with some options? Fantasise a little?

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