Novated Lease Calculator

It takes just a few clicks to see how affordable a Novated Lease can be and what you could be saving.
You don't have to be earning the huge salary or buying an expensive new car to get a benefit.


Ready to do some numbers
Novated Lease Calculator

Not all novated leases calculators are made to show the same results!

Watch for calculators showing over enthusiastic results with;

  • Vehicle prices or residuals values without GST.
  • A benefit or total saving without the detail.
  • Total annual costs without the payroll result.
  • Annual savings being the car GST AND the tax saving

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Existing Car Costs

Your car costs you more than just the regular tank of fuel. Put your existing car costs into perspective, its the once in a while expenses are unaccounted for.
My car costs me (XLS)

Check your payroll

You can also check your numbers with the Australian Tax Office
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