Oh No! Not another budget!!

Maybe this one is different

Zenra does the work (they've done this sort of thing thousands of times) and you get to look it over, ask questions, amend it and only agree when you're ready to agree.

Engraved in granite... NOT... It's only a budget.

  • If you are over spending, you adjust it up.
  • If you are under spending, (it happens) you build up credit or you adjust it down. It's your money!
  • If you are doing more driving than planned, (or less) it can be changed.

What's in my budget?

All the anticipated expenses for your vehicle for the life of the lease are rolled into a budget forecast, broken in equal monthly amounts billed to your employer. This way, not only do you get the tax saving but you save the GST too.

It doesn't include :

  • any repairs outside of scheduled servicing
  • Toll or infringements
  • excess for insurance claims (unless selected as part of your budget)

Who's in charge?

Well, you are. But you delegate this job to Zenra who report to you.
It works something like this:Your employer pays Zenra the agreed monthly amount, which is placed into your budget. Zenra pays all the bills as they arise... your repayment to the financier on time every month, your fuel and service bills... everything budgeted for. Every month, Zenra sends your report showing how much your employer has paid in and how much you have spend of your budget. And, if you have a question or a concern, Zenra is only a phone call or an email away. We are so switched on, you only have to say your name and Zenra ID number and by the time the initial chit-chat is complete, your details, history and the status of your budget is on the screen ready to answer your question in a heartbeat or several.

The big bill syndrome

Oh, your registration and your insurance are due next month! I bet that your planning how much of of your next few pays you have to put aside to cover it. Are you also trying to work out what the other household bills are due in the same month. That's where a novated lease has the additional benefit, that isn't always considered. When Zenra sets up a budget for you, we're doing what you have always wanted to do... Put a little aside every payday for those big once and a while bills.

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