Join the Club (or not)

Do you already hold Platigoldium status with your current Automobile club, (NRMA, etc)

You may want to stay in it and have any roadside assistance you may need provided by them... and their monthly mag, holiday booking service, etc. That's fine!
We will include it into the budget, let us know when you pay the renewal and we will refund you.

Or... Monthly roadside membership with your fuel card

Zenra offers roadside assistance billed directly through your fuel card, easy isn't it.
So, if you have a driving, or non-drivable drama, call the number on the card provided and try not to be surprised if NRMA, RACV, RACQ, etc turn up to help as the most expedient sub-contractors in your predicament.

Talk to our Novated Packaging Specialists today

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