Help your employees save, you will too!

The Novated Lease is best value for the employee other than a company-provided car. It is probably best value for employers as well!

Perhaps that could be a reason you’re reading this; if you want to consider transferring the onerous and costly fleet responsibilities over to the employees... Zenra can help you through the transition.
Anyway, Employees are better off because they pay their motoring expenses out of pre-tax dollars and no GST (just like superannuation and income tax). 'Hire purchase' and 'Personal loans' are paid out of their salary after tax. This employee-benefit can deliver you happier employees with either better cars or more take home pay and that’s also a benefit to you.

If, by offering prospective employees Novated Leasing, you can entice (or not lose) a great candidate for your team, that’s Benefit 2. And that’s why we only do Novated Leasing.

What benefit do my employees get

  • Fleet discounts past directly to the employee
  • Monthly Budget tracking and reporting
  • Increased disposable pay
  • Reduced financial pressure as Zenra budget for high cost items like servicing, tyres and registration.

What benefit do we get from providing novated leasing

  • Reduced payroll tax and workers compensation premiums
  • Attract and retain staff

A survey of Zenra's drivers, has show that by having a novated lease budget, they are driving safer/more reliable condition due to having a novated budget.

  • 96% Of drivers, are not driving on wore tyres.
  • 73% Of drivers, last scheduled service was within 1500kms of the logbook.
  • More than half of drivers, believe their vehicle is better maintained under a novation.

How we can work together

Officially, our client is your employee but we probably spend a little more time interacting with you. Everything is so systemised that once set-up is complete, the invoicing, payments and adjustments flow without a hitch.
Yet, there is always a person to talk to if you phone; we’re not that systemised and impersonal. By the time you say who you are and small-talked for a second or two, we’ll have your info on a screen and be ready to answer or sort out any question you have. Nice talking to you!

Fringe Benefits Taxation

We know our way all around and through this minefield. We have had and won arguments with heavies from the ATO. You can feel reassured there will be no surprises when it comes to the FBT.


Our invoices are in line with the agreement and budget and you’ll get them on time, itemised and understandable. All we ask is that your team check and either argue about or pay them on time.

Explore and see for yourself
Once you click here, you’ll be able to see examples of our system and how simple and straight forward doing business can be.

Talk to our Novated Packaging Specialists today

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