Pay it all by Fuel Card

Your Fuel Card is your passport to the pleasures of hassle-free car ownership.

Once you've signed up, it's not long before you hear these magic words:
"Here are the keys... and your Fuel Card... go and enjoy the drive!"

What does it cover?

Pretty much everything to do with the running expenses of your car. Fuel (duh), scheduled and some spontaneous services, tyres, battery... everything on and in your agreed budget.
It's an automatic trigger... Every time you buy fuel, you tell the operator your odometer reading.This triggers information back to Zenra so we can monitor your progress in your anticipated annual kms and ensures there are no nasty surprises with Fringe Benefit Tax or your servicing budget. If your kms are under or over by enough to flag us a concern, we contact you and if necessary, revise your budget. We are not Big Brother, more a good mate.

Choose me! No, me!

There's MotorPass, Caltex, BP and a couple of others... all would like your business, but you get to choose. We can tell you the benefits and the limitations of any of them once we are working with you one-to-one on your Leasing Agreement.

Oh no! Lost it?

You probably won't lose your Fuel Card. Not you. But someone might hide it somewhere you can't find it... or steal it!
Treat it like a credit card and phone Zenra immediately. We'll stop transactions and promptly issue you a new one.

Talk to our Novated Packaging Specialists today

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