Of all the ways to own a car...

Salary packaging a car through a Novated Lease, will cost less and give the best tax effective solution.

Conventional finance like 'Personal loans' and 'Hire purchase loans', plus all your car running costs, being paid from your take home pay, money which has already been reduced by the taxman getting his share of income tax.

You get more with a novated lease. Here’s why...

In simple terms, Novated leasing is where your employer pays for your car finance repayments and running cost which are then recouped from your salary to pay for the car costs using pre and post tax dollars.

Will it work for me?

Your unique... your driving pattern, your choice of car, your salary and your plans for the future.
Surprisingly... a full time employee, even earning $45,000pa and driving 12,000 kms a year, could see a benefit upwards of $40 a week through salary packaging a novated lease.

Jump into the calculator, it will give your the rough idea of how your salary and a novated lease can impact your takehome pay
...the calculator won't ask too many questions, that's our job, to ensure that your unique scenario is the cheapest and has the maximum tax benefit.

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