All good things must...

... and maybe sooner when there's a triangle.

Well we did say on an earlier page, there were three parties to the Agreement: you, your boss and your financier.

The end?

Your boss, may say the words to you.
Or, you may say them to your boss because you have had a better offer, want to join the grey nomads, or just want to sit and contemplate the meaning of life.
Or maybe there are no more finance payments to make, your financier will one day say 'Thank you, that's enough'.

If any one of the three parties want out... the novation party is over!

Zenra to the rescue!!!

Whatever the situation, we try to help you get out without the scars, for instance

We got 'Sally' out of her Nissan 370Z into a SUV when she became pregnant and in need of something more child and school-run friendly.

When 'Alan' changed jobs to a new employer (who was totally ignorant of the marvellous service we provide) and, as consequence was using an opposition fleet manager, we smoothed the transition, because it didn't take much effort. Who knows, maybe the new company may be ready for a change if only someone would put in a good word for us?

And, when 'Anthony' became redundant and without job prospects, we helped him sell his BMW without stress, with the assistance of Redundancy Protection.

Some drivers are surprised how helpful we can be at 'The End'.
But, we believe in 'going the extra' distance because... well, we can't help ourselves; it's our nature and maybe, just maybe you'll tell the story of our helpfulness to others who may decide to check us out sometime.

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