Governments insists

"... vehicles which drive on public thoroughfares must bear registration identification plates and roadworthy (and some states require a current registration label displayed in a window visible from..."

Well, you get the idea.

The registration renewal fee is set and known to Zenra so it is automatically in your budget. We also automatically choose the CTP insurer that is currently offering the lowest fee... unless you specify otherwise.

The requirement for pre-registration varies between States/Territories. Some want them annually, others only if a vehicle is beyond a certain age and others not at all. Zenra knows all this stuff and reminds you at the right time.

As the registered owner of the vehicle, the registration notice will be posted to you. At least 4 weeks before it is due. If you overlook it, governments are not forgiving of time-tardiness, so pay it and reclaim on Zenra.

From a budget position, your registration renewal includes registration and CTP. If the novated lease is for a used vehicle Zenra includes a little extra so you don't have to worry about falling short.

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