The 'not Ho-Hum' version of 'Novated leasing a vehicle'

It's a tripartite agreement. The three parties are:

  1. You
  2. Your employer
  3. Your financier

There's also someone else in the mix: the fleet manager. We at Zenra are very willing to put our hand up... and able!
A management fee is charged, but it is very small, almost insignificant considering our seamless personal service which makes the whole thing run smoooothly.

What does your monthly budget deduction cover?

Your finance payment, registration, CTP and comprehensive insurance, running costs (fuel, tyres, service, etc). There's fine print for you to check on, but no surprises. If you pay an expense out of your own pocket for any reason, just get a tax invoice and claim a cash-back payment from Zenra.

Ready to see how much car you can get?

Under a Novated lease, your tax savings mean you get more take home pay retaining the car you're driving and currently paying to run...

OR... you can get a better car for the same take home pay,
OR... you can go better again for disproportionally less monthly outlay,
AND... you can even get a car for your partner paid for out of your salary in pre tax dollars.

Your combined income already pays those expenses so why not save the GST and have a lower taxable income? Makes sense.

It's OK to shake your head in wonder...

...and one for your partner? or other family member?

To some it is hard to believe that you can also have another vehicle or three under your name on a Novated Lease, with the deductions taken from your salary BEFORE TAX! True! If you are currently paying for other vehicles out of your take-home pay or combined income, you can change it all around by sacrificing more of your salary to pay for all these vehicle through pre-tax dollars... with your employer's agreement of course.Salary sacrifice sounds hurtful, but when you think of it like this, the more you sacrifice, the more you save.

Who's hurting?
To put these other vehicles into a Novated Lease under your name means they also have to be under finance. Zenra can steer you through the process easily if these cars are being financed or help you to re-finance so they comply. Just ask.
Your novated lease doesn't have to be an a mandatory number of years. If you choose a vehicle that has a significantly better resale value after three rather than four years... we'll tell you that at the beginning. Each vehicle will be a separate Novated Lease under your name, but your employer will deduct the total agreed monthly payment from your pre-tax salary. That's it!

Want to take a peek? Play with some options? Fantasise a little? <a calculator"="" lease="" novated="" href="/index.php/component/content/article/calculator?catid=5&Itemid=62%20alt=">Click here

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